When I was 9 years old, a troupe of touring Actors came into my middle school in Phoenix, AZ and transported me to a world of Make Believe- sets, costumes, music, characters and transformed my school gymnasium into a whole world of possibilities! That day I declared, “I wanna do THAT when I grow up!” Twelve years later, I worked for THAT company and toured with them for 5 seasons bringing theater arts into the lives and minds of youth all over the Southwest! I saw the tangible power that confidence, clear vision, creativity, and unlocking the imagination of my inner child could have in my life! When do we stop allowing that inner child to create worlds on our behalf? My vision is to inspire people to DREAM and PLAY again- specifically by putting practical tools into their hands, hearts and minds that connect them directly to their most creative inner Self. How I do that is through Improv Technology.


IN Fall of 2016, Next Level Improv, LLC was born. In the midst of a 3-year project with a Recovery and Mental Health Center in South Florida. One of the Owners- a dear friend of mine, Phil Diaz, approached me about bringing Improv into one of his facilities as supplemental programming for clients undergoing in-patient treatment.

We started once a month while other modalities were also being sampled by the patient populations as to their efficacy, benefit to staff and clients as well as overall enjoyment. Of the other disciplines introduced, Improv was one of the favorites! We soon bumped up to once a week. Staff, Therapists, Students, Caseworkers all noticed improved communication and self expression both individually and peer to peer.

During this 3-year period, I also began training to be a Transformational Leadership Trainer and saw direct correlations between Accelerated Learning Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Transformational & Personal Development Distinctions and the Technology of Improv. Next Level Improv was created out of this union. I saw clearly the synergy between disciplines and Founded a vehicle to carry the vision out to the world.



what we do

Some of the People and Projects we have partnered with;

Fabulous 50th Birthday

Fabulous 50th Birthday Party for a group of 20 Ladies looking for exciting new way to celebrate!

Evening Performance

Evening Performance and Next-Day How-To Improv Workshop for Youth During Jewish High Holy days-Rosh Hashanah Celebration

All Day Workshop

All day workshop to build confidence, enhance communication and empower teens to make choices that will positively impact their lives!

Edutainment Performance

Edutainment Performance -to Educate and Entertain during Appreciation Luncheon for Top Donors of Local and National Non-Profit

Mathematical Character

Coach with Professors and TAs of Graduate Level Mathematics at Major Universities to Step into “Mathematical Character” when teaching undergrads or presenting thesis projects

Co-Facilitate “Improvisational Theatre to Address Grief and Loss in Rehabilitation”

Co-Facilitate “Improvisational Theatre to Address Grief and Loss in Rehabilitation” Breakout session with Research and Psychotherapist Specialists at Association of Death Education and Counseling Conference 2016

Co-Facilitate “Acting and Authenticity” Workshop

Co-Facilitate “Acting and Authenticity” Workshop for adults with Founder of a Transformational Community in South Florida.

Teaching Artist Workshops in school Health Programs

Teaching Artist Workshops in school Health Programs focused on Anti-Bullying Initiative in New Jersey

“Level Up your Marketing Through Video”

“Level Up your Marketing Through Video” On-Camera Workshop for Chamber businesses in SW Michigan


Improv for Entrepreneurs- Celebrating “Failures”! at a local NW Indiana business Co-op that Supports area start up businesses thrive!

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