Julie Cotton's is an amazing master movement trainer. The exercises we were introduced to and performed empowered me with an inner knowing that allowed me to access myself in ways like I've never experienced before in my life. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to take their body movement awareness to the next level to dive into this course and never look back. Julie has an extremely rare and special skill set blended with a genuine care for her students that will support you in transforming your career and life forever. 

Aaron You Mastny 
Owner, You Realty

Julie Cotton is a master in the art of improvisational expression. Her warm personality and coaching attitude creates the perfect environment for you to express your real desires. I came to Julie because I had been having some challenges during a couple of job interviews earlier in the year. I knew it was because I was not opening up enough to let others see my inner light. After several weeks of coaching over the phone and in person, I was much more relaxed and open in my vocal and body expression. I went to the next interview, nailed it, and now my life rocks. 

I did the work necessary, and it started by calling Julie for help and following through with what she told me! Thank you Julie! 

Sam Young

Real Estate Investor/ Co-operative Living 

Julie has a way to convey team work skills through her improv techniques. I learned how to change my emotional states very quickly. It got me moving from my ridged shy self, to a more flexible dynamic person. I recommend everyone to take her class! Worth the leadership and business skills. Very versatile!

Bonnie Manhattan


“Julie Cotton is an incredible leader, teacher, and spiritual mentor.  She has helped me in ways that cannot truly be captured in words.  She helped me see a new path to my life, when I thought the path had already been laid in stone.”


Counsel, Marketing, IP

“We had a very successful project at Rutgers with training TA's (and other grad students and faculty). We had an afternoon workshop with Julie Cotton who is an acting coach at Rutgers Mason Gross school. Julie also has a degree in education and she is extremely good at educational psychology. Her combination of knowledge in education and theater/acting made this a really outstanding experience for us with very concrete and specific recommendations on how to improve teaching and lecturing. I took the workshop as well and this has transformed my teaching. Never going back to the boring old way…the students really like me now and are really learning.

 In case your department would be interested in adding her workshop to your TA training (or a general workshop for grad students and faculty), I would recommend Julie very highly.

 We are definitely going to use Julie for other workshops at Rutgers.”

Lisa Carbone

Associate Professor Rutgers University

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